Mobiasbanca OTP-Group celebrated the 80th anniversary of the founding of the National Museum of Art of Moldova

26 Nov 2019
We are sharing the same emotions of pride and happiness with the National Museum of Art of Moldova, which celebrates the 80th anniversary of its founding. During this period history was written, art, culture, national values were promoted in the country, and far beyond its borders.
Thousands of exhibitions, valuable artists, events, visitors, which cannot be counted, but can be measured in moments embedded in the history of the Museum.
Mobiasbanca OTP- Group is the main partner of the Museum, and over the years we have held various important events with the participation of established artists from the country and abroad.
“80 years since art has its own house, with lovely people and lovers of beautiful things. We support the beautiful things and believe in talents, in art, in everything that represents us as a country, as a nation. The National Museum of Art is more than just a cultural and valuable institution, it represents a bridge between peoples and generations. Many happy returns, with many beautiful and special events”, said Stela Ciobanu, Secretary General of Mobiasbanca.
On the occasion of the anniversary, the Museum has prepared an exceptional event, which will last 2 days, between 25 and 26 November: anniversary conference, exhibitions, drawing competition, etc. A special moment have been the unveiling of the commemorative plaque of Auguste Baillayre, plastic artist, professor and the first chief custodian of the Municipal Pinacoteca, established in 1939, which was the foundation of the museum.
We are waiting for you to visit the Museum and to live unique moments.