Mobiasbanca - OTP Group designated "Highly credible taxpayer" by the State Tax Service

29 Sep 2020
Mobiasbanca - OTP Group has been designated by the State Tax Service as the “Highly Credible Taxpayer” for the promotion of fiscal citizenship and compliance with the fulfillment of fiscal obligations.
Ms. Nicoleta Nemerenco, Deputy Director of the State Tax Service, offered the Certificate of Credibility to Mr. László Diósi - President of the Executive Committee – CEO. 
"We are glad that this certificate comes in the anniversary year for the company and we wish you much success, prosperity and to continue to be in the top institutions in the banking financial system. We hope you will instill in others the principles you rely on: transparency and credibility.” said Ms Nicoleta Nemerenco.
„We are honored to receive this award. Many others would say that when the audit comes it is a stress, it is not about us, we are calm and confident, because we know how to do things honestly and correctly. It is a special year, because we just have started a financial initiative - financial education program for children and adults. Today's result is a team result," said Mr László Diósi, President of the Executive Committee – CEO.
Ms. Veronica Marandici - Head of Fiscal and Analytical Administration, STS, Mr. Dumitru Cucos - Chief Financial Officer of the bank, Ms. Ludmila Olarescu, Head of Accountancy Department, as well as other employees of the bank, also attended the award ceremony, which took place in the bank’s headquarter.
 „It is an honor for Mobiasbanca - OTP Group to be designated the "Highly Credible Taxpayer", which reflects the highest level of fiscal discipline. We will continue to operate applying the basic principles of Mobiasbanca - OTP Group's activity, such as honesty and financial responsibility, being a reliable partner for our customers and an example for the business environment,” said Mr Dumitru Cucos, Chief Financial Officer of the bank.
Annually, the State Tax Service awards taxpayers, economic agents from all over the country, noted them for their contribution in promoting fiscal citizenship and compliance with the fulfillment of tax obligations.
Mobiasbanca - OTP Group stood out during the activity carried out in 2019 with high results on the following indicators:
did not admit arrears to the National Public Budget for the situation on the last day of the last year;
during the last year of management no enforcement measures were applied;
during the activity carried out in the last three consecutive years: it obtained taxable income every year; the sum of the obligations calculated during the periods examined constitutes at least 10% of the total amount of declared income; the average salary of employees exceeds the average monthly salary in the economy;
did not admit cases of non-presentation or late presentation of tax reports, reports on the calculation of compulsory premium of health insurance and declarations on the calculation and use of compulsory state social insurance contributions.
As a result of obtaining this certificate, in the next two years Mobiasbanca - OTP Group will be exempted from fiscal controls, by the method of total and thematic verification initiated by the tax authority.