Mobiasbanca - OTP Group launch of the "OK" Foundation for Financial Education

06 Jul 2020
“OK” Foundation for Financial Education - a unique educational project sponsored by Mobiasbanca - OTP Group S.A., dedicated to increasing the level of financial education in local communities and young generation, it was launched on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the bank.
The aim of the project is to develop financial, economic and financial resource management skills in children, young people and adults, so that each participant become aware of become aware of how the money should be spent, saved, borrowed, invested. We offer opportunities to future generations, focusing on promoting knowledge in the financial, economic and management fields, determining tomorrow's success. 
“Being a bank with 30 years of experience in the local market, which operates according to the highest international standards, we have the necessary expertise and responsibility to share our knowledge with as possible, regardless of age, to make the right decisions on the management of personal finances. By founding the “OK” Foundation for Financial Education we implement for the first time in the Republic of Moldova free courses, certified internationally. Our learning programs and methods are attractive through interactivity, games adapted and diversified for different ages. We will also develop partnerships with educational institutions and various organizations, which share the same values and want to contribute to this mission”, said Stela Ciobanu, Executive Director of the Foundation.
What makes this social project unique? It's simple - unique internationally certified programs, interactive methods of learning through play and reality simulation, openness and flexibility through which the Foundation's programs reach schools, universities, companies in all regions of the country, continuous adaptation to the interests and needs of participants.
Who can benefit from the Foundation's programs? Anyone who wants to better manage their own money or family budget, regardless of age, occupation or knowledge of financial management.
The programs are adapted for students and high school students, so that they correspond to the school year and their age. The Foundation's trainers benefited from trainings from colleagues from Romania and Hungary, in order to take over the learning methodology in an accessible and easy to learn manner. The Foundation will also run programs for adults, regardless of field of activity or training, which will provide an opportunity to raise awareness regarding the importance of saving, managing personal and family budget.
The foundation has a modern headquarters for conducting programs - OK Center is a place where you want to learn, discover and participate. At the same time, the mobility and flexibility of the trainers allows the Foundation to come up with financial education programs in any locality in our country, at the request of the beneficiaries. Parents, teachers, managers of private companies or adults can request participation in financial education programs by sending a message to or directly on the website On the social networks of the Foundation (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn) you will find information about our activities and many interesting and useful things.
The “OK” Foundation for Financial Education is a non-governmental, non-profit and apolitical organization, which aims to contribute to increasing the degree of financial education of the population. The foundation is founded on 5th of December 2019, under the patronage of Mobiasbanca - OTP Group S.A. offering free and adapted programs for all age groups.
The “OTP Fáy András” Foundation in Hungary has 26 years of experience in financial education for children and young people, under the slogan “Let's give future generations a chance!” In 2012, the “OK Center” Educational Center was established in Budapest - a landmark institution in the development of European financial culture, by generating an innovative, complete and unique educational program, also recognized internationally.