Recommendations in case of malfunctions of the Client-Bank service

25 Oct 2018
Dear customer, 
If you have encountered difficulties accessing the Client-Bank service, we inform you that these may be caused by the installation of the Windows 10 OS update package (version 1809), which has been recalled by Microsoft due to detected operating deficiencies. 
If your computer has been installed the respective update package, the Client-Banca service will not run properly and show the following messages:
We recommend installing the service on another computer that has not been upgraded with mentioned package to further benefit from the functionality Client-Bank service.
Please, note that the Bank is not responsible for the difficulties caused by installing third-party developer’s software. 
For technical support, contact ClientBank.Support service: email :, phone number: (022) 812-345
Thank you for your understanding,
CB “Mobiasbanca - Groupe Société Générale” S.A.