The success story of Cavcaliuc family: „Agriculture has a future at home”

12 May 2020
The coronavirus pandemic has affected the agriculture of the whole world and our farmers continue to be dedicated to their developing businesses. The whole country’s nutrition security depends on them, as they are the only ones capable of recovering the affected economy by selling high quality products. 
A nice example of courage is the Cavcaliuc family who have launched their agricultural business two years ago and despite of all obstacles continues to believe that #totulvafibine (#itwillbeok). As they say: „..agriculture is excellent and inspiring, while the problems make us stronger and generate new ideas”.
Having made several study tours abroad and having analyzed the local market, the Cavcaliuc family founded two companies - „Viitorul Nostru” S.A. and „EcoFarm-Prod” S.R.L.
From the very beginning they opted for performance, having planted their first 25 hectares of cherry trees in an super-intensive system. So, they have planted one cherry and one apple orchard, both in accordance with the state-of-the-art technologies. 
”It all began with the idea to plant a cherry orchard. I read somewhere that there is a deficit of cherry of around 80% and got convinced of the existence of exposure markets for our products. I went to Holland to visit a cherry producer and there I saw what a modern cherry orchard is. We decided to plant our orchard based on the same European model. We have installed everything necessary: the supporting system, the irrigation and hail protection system, having purchased all the original components and parts, as performing agriculture starts from quality. We have chosen the Kordia, Regina, Ferrovia sorts. Then we planted 9 hectares of cherry orchard - Erdi Botermo and Újfehértói Fürtös. The apple orchard was the last to be planted – 9 hectares of Fuji, Jonagold and Gala”, said Adrian.
However, the modern agricultural systems require considerable investments and for these considerations the Cavcaliuc family involved a reliable and proven partner Mobiasbanca – OTP Group. 
”We collaborate with Mobiasbanca – OTP Group for almost 5 days. For the first time we applied to this bank when we had another business – lease-out of storage facilities and commercial room space. When we decided to plant the orchard we had very few financing options, as very few banks provide facilities to farmers. The bank’s officers advised us to request the credit via the project “Livada Moldovei”. We got exempted from the customs duties and VAT and received some other significant advantages. The amount of investment credit was about 250 thousand Euro. In addition to the attractive interest rate Mobiasbanca provides us with useful recommendations and explanations every time we need them”, affirms Adrian.
The plans for the future are great, while the opportunities on the local market are another strong incentive for us to develop the business as fast as possible. Although this year the cherry orchard will give fruits for the very first time, the entire harvest has already been contracted. 
”This year we will receive the first harvest of cherries! However, we managed to conclude a contract with a local company. The cherries are highly demanded both on the Russian and European markets. We have managed to establish commercial relationships with an Italian and a Polish company, they are already eager to see the orchard“, said Adrian with enthusiasm.
”There always will be a market for quality fruits. The situation in agriculture is an incentive to develop our business. We have leased 90 hectares of lands in order to extend the orchards. Therefore, the changes to the good are ahead. In order to complete all of our plans we will need adequate financing. For sure, the future of our business is with Mobiasbanca – OTP Group”. 
Mobiasbanca – OTP Group continues to encourage the farmers of the Republic of Moldova who manage to develop their businesses with inspiration and perseverance despite of all challenges. Mobiasbanca provides financing solutions adapted to the needs of its clients, as well as a series of actions aimed at supporting the economic agents in these times of difficulty. For more details, please, follow this link.