Implementation of IBAN codes for payments in MDL beginning with January 1st, 2016

21 Dec 2015

Dear Customers,

Under the Decision no. 56 of the National Bank of Moldova from 05.03.2015 regarding modification and completion of Regulation regarding loan transfer, we would like to inform you that starting with 1st of January 2016, there is implemented the IBAN code (International Bank Account Number) for all the national transfers in MDL.

The application of IBAN code represents the alignment to international standards afferent to banks’ accounts, which will essentially contribute to the decreasing number of erroneous transfers and will facilitate the transfers inside and outside of the bank.

What does the IBAN code represent?

The IBAN code represents a range of alphanumerical figures (24 in number), which identifies in a unique way the client’s account in the frame of a financial institution, acknowledged at international level.

For generating the IBAN codes afferent to your accounts, please click here or the Instruments section -> Find out your IBAN code on the site.


Beginning with 1st of January 2016, all the treasury payments will be carried out exclusively by using the IBAN codes. In accordance with this, apart from the existing blank of payment order in MDL, starting with 1st of January 2016 will be implemented a new form for treasury payments and for payments with exclusive usage of IBAN codes.

For downloading the new payment order form in MDL, effective from 01.01.2016, please click here.


Implementation of IBAN codes requires modifications in accounting evidence systems of legal entities and implementation of new form of payment order.

Attention! Please take into the account that the current payment order form will be used until the end of the 2016 year, declared as transition period until the integral usage of IBAN codes only, in MDL transactions processing. The form will be used for payments with bank accounts in the old format or with the combined usage of accounts in the old format and of the IBAN codes, regardless if these are filled up in the fields afferent to payer’s account or the beneficiary’s ones.

Related to the above mentioned, please find out the IBAN codes afferent to your accounts in MDL, as well as the new particularities for performing the payments in MDL starting with 1st of January 2016.

To find out detailed information related to implementation of IBAN codes published by the National Bank of Moldova and Ministry of Finance please follow the link.

Also, the Ministry of Finance of Republic of Moldova launched treasury IBAN codes Calculator which can be accessed on You can calculate IBAN codes by choosing economy classification code, the district where you are and the statistical code of your village based on administrative-territorial units classification.

For any support related to IBAN codes, you can contact your personal advisers within Bank’s branches or call bank’s Contactell Service, available 24/24, 7 days a week.