Launching of the MasterCard Secure Code – an Internet payments security service

06 Jan 2012

For the fist time in Moldova Mobiasbanca has launched MobiasbancasterCard Secure Code – an Internet payment security service.

Activation and use of the service is performed using a password, established and known only by you. The password will protect from unauthorized use of your card at the merchants that participate at this service.

As soon as you activate this service and choose a password, every new Internet transaction will be authorised by the chosen SecureCode password.

Usually, to pay the Internet purchases, the following details are asked to be completed: 1. the card number; 2. first and last name, indicated on the card; 3. valid period; 4. CVV code (indicated on the back of the card) — after activation of the SecureCode service, the payment operation will be double authorised by your personal password. 

In this way the probability that somebody could use your card for online payments without your approval is very low. 

SecureCode Service is based on the international security 3-D Secure standard and has been designed in order to assure the additional protection of the cards for Internet transactions made on local and foreign commercial websites (virtual/e-shops) that have the MasterCard SecureCode logo.

This service is FREE OF CHARGHE for all the Mobiasbanca cards owners.