Mobiasbanca joins the campaign “Make apples cool”

04 Aug 2016

Mobiasbanca has expressed its support for the initiative “Make Apples Cool”, launched in May 2016 by UNDP Moldova.

Mobiasbanca has expressed its support for the initiative “Make Apples Cool”, launched in May 2016 by UNDP Moldova.

The campaign “Make Apples Cool” intends to provide public schools and kindergartens from Chisinau with fresh fruit snacks. This initiative tackles the reduced intake of fruit and will provide additional benefits to fresh fruit producers. The long-term objective of the campaign is to teach children in pre-schools and schools about healthy eating habits from the very young age.                

"We have a natural openness to topics important to the community to which we belong, as responsible citizens who wish to contribute to its development. This project impressed us with its long-term stake to change the eating habits which, in return, will have favorable results on the health of a generation. As a bank, we took a crucial decision to invest in health and encourage the development of this sector. At the same time, we are pleased that this project will impact the country's economy by supporting local fruit producers", stated Ridha Tekaia, President of the Management  Board - CEO, Mobiasbanca.

The fundraising campaign was launched two months ago and has successfully raised 12,417 USD, thus insuring the distribution of fresh fruit snacks to about 3,500 children in 5 schools and kindergartens from Chisinau municipality. Each dollar from the amount donated will be doubled by UNDP Moldova, and the collected funds will be transferred directly to fruit processing and packaging companies selected by open competition to develop the final product.

"The cooperation between UNDP Moldova and Mobiasbanca is an interesting experimental opportunity in promoting healthy eating habits and increased fresh fruit intake of children and adults. We have committed to a long-term cooperation to promote the innovative technologies of minimum fruit processing, encouraging the fruit consumption among bank employees and actions to insure easier access to capital for those companies that see new opportunities in this field”, said Dumitru Vasilescu, Project Manager, UNDP Moldova.    

The project has received high visibility due to the support of the civil society and was promoted by one of the most known names in health food industry – Jamie Oliver, on his blog,

Mobiasbanca and UNDP Moldova will cooperate on the following initiatives:

  • piloting a project in vocational schools with agro-food profile of Moldova, which will allow for the modernization of technical equipment, import of know-how, diversification of income sources of institutions and development of an additional curriculum in the field of fruit processing and packaging industry
  • promote regular fruit intake in companies, teach the employees about healthy eating habits, programmes and events aimed at informing the public about the balanced diet
  • financial support of fruit producers by providing micro-credits (Mobiasbanca), technical assistance and expertise (UNDP Moldova)

The “Make Apples Cool” initiative is part of the “Innovative Business Development for Local Sustainable Economic Growth” Project financially supported by the Norwegian Government and UNDP Moldova, aiming to promote innovation in the sector of small and medium enterprises, through transfer and absorption of knowledge, technologies, and communication among enterprises. The project is implemented during 2014-2017.