Remote payments through Mobiasbanca: Easy. Quickly. Conveniently.

26 Jul 2016

Do endless queues at counters for payment of bills for utilities tire you out? You have no longer time to go to a bank? Do you go on vacation and are you concerned about the problem of timely payments? Do you want to save money for fees charged at the counter? Do you want to have access to your accounts anywhere and anytime?

Then, MobiasSMS and eFactura are simple, quick and convenient solutions that we recommend you!

With you have access to the bank’s services, you are able to manage bank accounts, make payments, transfers, pay monthly bills – all using just a device connected to the Internet and equipped with an operating system!

With MobiasSMS you have access to your account directly from your mobile telephone. You are aware of each log in/log out of your account, you can pay bills through a simple SMS, make payments and transfers to other beneficiaries, etc.

And with eFactura service you may schedule at the bank your bills once and they will be paid automatically from your account.

Choose mobility, independence, comfort and safety! Access eMobias.mdMobiasSMS or eFactura and join the services of remote management of bank accounts!

How to register?

A simple call to the Contactell service (022 256-456 available 24/7) provides you more information on these products or at any Mobiasbanca unit, where advisors are at your disposition with detailed information on contracting and operation of these services.