A perfect tool for safe and advantageous payroll

Payroll implies:

  • safe and easy payment of: Salaries, Scholarship, Grants, Other payments
  • payment to accounts with attached cards of employees and beneficiaries of: privately owned companies, public institutions, universities, high schools
  • The relations between the Bank and the Client within the Salary Project are governed by the General Banking Conditions.


Advantages for your company:

  • Safety — eliminating the risks of money loss in the process of cash handling and/or transportation;
  • Cost savings — eliminating the expenditures related to handling/transportation of cash and management of cashier’s offices;
  • Quick and simple — employees’ salaries are transferred rapidly and with minimal effort on employer part – it is necessary only to send the payment order with overall sum and the centralized employees list with salaries amounts for each of them. The bank will transfer respective amounts on employees’ accounts on the same day;
  • Access to special offers for other banking products;
  • Salaries confidentiality.

In case you want to benefit of Payroll advantages you can choose one of the product packages provided by the bank. In this way, you will benefit not only of a wide range of banking products and services, such as: Business Card, Business Internet Banking Service, but also of preferential commissions for payroll and for other products included in the package.


How you can benefit of Payroll:

Advantages for your employees:

  • Salary card supplying without any additional commission;
  • Access to own resources through cash withdrawals and/or payment to sellers, 24h of 24, 7 days of 7, both in country and abroad at any ATM, POS terminals displaying Mobiasbancaestro and/or MobiasbancasterCard logo;
  • Safety in holding own money – eliminates the risks of holding cash. In case the card was stolen or lost, contact Call Center and our advisors will assure that card is blocked and money from account are saved;
  • Convenient tool of paying products and services at merchants in country and abroad.

IMPORTANT! No commissions are applied for purchases made with card at merchants in country and abroad!


More than that:

  • In case of urgent cash needs or in order to have always a cash reserve, the employee has the opportunity to benefit from the bank funds in the form of salary overdraft facility directly on salary card account – up to 3 net salaries;
  • For amounts held in the salary account the bank offers a significant interest rate calculated on account balance;
  • The employee has the opportunity to issue additional debit cards attached to own account for family members, with possibility to set limits for use;
  • Asigurarea securităţii cardului prin diferite metode oferite de bancă.

Concluding a Payroll convention with Mobiasbanca, your employees can benefit of commercial offers especially created for them, with preferential conditions for loans, deposits, standing orders, cards insurance, etc

► Special commercial offers in Payroll

♦ Salary overdraft facility

Overdraft loan is a money reserved by the that bank provided for customers with salary cards, based on convention of Payroll concluded between bank and company.

Overdraft may be used partially or fully and the interest is paid only for the amount and days of effective use.

♦ Additional debit card

If you hold a salary card and want to give a plus of safety of your own funds or maybe you want to assure your family members with funds for situations more or less unpredictable – issue an additional card attached to salary account at half price.

Additional card will be linked to your salary account. For you – in case your basic card was lost, you will be able to access the funds from your account with additional card. And for your family members – in case there will appear unpredictable situations, additional card will assure access to funds on salary account.

Moreover, in case you want to hold a card in MDL, but not attached to salary account or may be you want to hold one in foreign currency, EUR or USD, you may have this with at a reduced fee for annual maintenance.

♦ Insurance for cards

Salary card offers safety of the funds on your account, also cards insurance offers a plus of safety, relieves the card holders of expenses for reissuing of card, identity acts, home and car keys. Moreover, in case you choose the card insurance, in case of a robbery the full value of the mobile phone will be compensated (only as a result of robbery with loss of both mobile phone and banking card).

♦ Special discounts for credits

Every employee of a company that has concluded an agreement of Payroll with bank can benefit of special discounts for loans.

IMPORTANT: you no longer have to visit the bank in order to pay loans’ rates; now it can be paid automatically from salary account. Just be sure that at the payment date you have sufficient funds on your account. No commision is applied for this option.

♦ Standing orders

Every holder of a salary card has now the possibility to schedule own payments and transfers from the account he/she holds.

Whether you want to pay monthly for utilities with fixed amounts or fill the deposit accounts or transfer regularly fixed amounts on family members’ accounts, now it is easier than ever – based on request filled in , you get rid of regular payments care and gain more time for yourself.

♦ Deposits

Having opened a deposit in Mobiasbanca, you can choose to transfer directly the interest on salary card. Just fill in a request . No commission is applied for this option.

♦ Transfers

If you receive transfers from Italy, now you have the opportunity to receive it directly on the salary account.

If you are not a Mobiasbanca customer yet, but you want to take advantages of Payroll or you are interested in provided products and services, our bank advisors are available to give all necessary support/additional information you need.

Find more right now: Call Center, tel. no. 022 256-456, available 24h of 24, 7 days of 7.

Useful documents:

Beneficiary coordinates for customer opening, account, card and nominal table

Coordinates of the beneficiaries' accounts opened in the bank

Transfer file from client account to beneficiary accounts

Warrant for Salary Project