Ofertă de sărbători de la OTP Bank

Ofertă de sărbători de la OTP Bank

Credite fără gaj, până la 450 000 de lei per familie
Credite fără gaj, până la 450 000 de lei per familie

You can now get unsecured consumer loans of up to 450,000 MLD per family with approval up to 15 minutes*. In addition, if you choose a credit card from OTP Bank, you will receive 1% cashback** and 60 days interest-free, for a reserve of money always at hand.

Moreover, at OTP Bank you can subscribe an accident insurance policy at a great price and feel financially protected in unforeseen situations.

On top of that, we also offer for FREE:

  • A debit card with biometric 3D-Secure technology, ideal for national and international use
  • Secure 24/7 access to OTP Internet and Mobile Banking, which allows you to manage your personal and business bank accounts anytime, anywhere in a single application

Enjoy the holidays,
with OTP Bank

Calculation example: For a personal consumer loan, without pledge, in the amount of 350,000 MDL, with a floating interest rate of 5%, for a period of 60 months, with a monthly administration fee of 0.5% the amount granted and the file analysis fee of 350 lei paid upon the issuance of the APR is 16.27%. The bank warns consumers about the responsibility for repaying loans.


*The maximum amount of unsecured consumer loans is MDL 350,000 or the equivalent in credit currency for a debtor and MDL 450,000 or the foreign currency equivalent of a loan for a group of persons (eg spouse, who co-participates with the debtor in the payment of the loan). The approval period may depend on the amount / complexity of the credit file, and the interest rate may depend on both the loan amount and the customer category (customers receiving their salary on OTP Bank cards, customers with a positive credit history or operating in the sector). medical). If the information on the applicant's income from the State Tax Service database is not conclusive or is missing, it will be necessary to submit additional supporting documents. For an amount greater than 100,000 lei, confirmation of ownership of a property in the property will be requested and the surety of a third party may be requested.

**for transactions made with Visa credit cards, at the locations of merchants displaying the VISA logo, including online on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, according to the Official Regulation of the promotional campaign of loyalty attached to VISA cards issued by OTP Bank.

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