Declaration on quality policy

Through the quality of its products and services, BC"MOBIASBANCA - Groupe Société Générale "S.A. confirms its permanent concern in continuously improving the quality of its products, services and processes, including the priority given to satisfaction of needs and expectations of customers and other interested parties.

Our mission is to be:

The most reliable, secure and trusted bank

building on client relationship

with engaged team

through modern solutions and simple processes

Our values: Team Spirit, Innovation, Responsibility and Commitment, make us different and enable us to make an impact among our customers. They sustain bank’s actions in strengthening quality culture and are based on a profound sense of both personal and collective involvement.

Maintain and improve the Quality Management System according to the demands of the international system ISO 9001:2015. The perimeter of ISO certification includes the following financial services: international transfers via payment orders, bank guarantees, documentary letters of credit, documentary collections, mortgage loans.

Focus on client is the reference point of the bank's strategy ENGAGE 20I20, which is based on five pillars: Simple, Modern, Innovation, Loyal and Excellent.

The strategic objectives of Mobiasbanca – Groupe Société Générale are established on medium and long term, being  translated in all areas of activity and in employees’ individual objectives.  Achievement of the above will guarantee the compliance of quality commitments assumed at all levels and the mutual success of employees and clients through an acknowledgement of our values.

Declaration on quality policy