Revolving credit lines

Revolving credit lines

Do you want a financing source of circulating means with the possibility of regular and repeated use?

We offer you the revolving credit as an optimal solution to your problem.

The product is characterized by setting a maximal limit which you can freely handle with crediting resources depending on seasonal needs and cash availability. You can get a flexible credit, easy to handle, with a lot of advantages. With this option, you can fully control the amount of money you get from the credit line, the calculating rate (which is based only on the resources you actually used), and the reimbursement scheme.

Currency: MDL, USD, EUR

Period: maximum 1 months

Credit amount: from 30 001 lei (or equivalent) up to 70% of the value of the pledge

Credit limit: The credit line limit of the Borrower at that certain point in time, in accordance with the established reimbursement schedule

Repayment: During the term of validity of the credit line, the Holder has the right to use multiple times the credit line within the limit in effect at that time;

Guarantee: transfer of money, mobile and immovable pledge

Your advantages:

  • at any time you get the whole or partial amount of credit line;
  • you can always repay the received money;
  • you have possibility repeatedly use the crediting resources in an unlimited amount of times;
  • the calculating rate is actually used only on the amount of credit line;
  • an effective mean of optimization of the enterprise's cash flows. 

The Revolving Credit Line 36

Employees can be so proud of the manner you handle your business. And you - satisfied, because you contracted the Revolving Credit Line36.

Basic conditions:

Beneficiaries - legal entities and individuals, who carry out entrepreneurial activity, registered in accordance with the legislation in force of the Republic of Moldova, in any organizational and legal form and have experience (an activity of minimum 6 months).

It is provided in MDL, USD, EUR

Credit period - up to 36 months

Minimum limit - 100 000 MDL or 10 000 USD / EUR

Mobiasbancaximum limit - equivalent to EUR 500 000

Revision of the limit takes place annually, depending on how the company's needs change and what the possibilities of credit management are.

Your benefits:

  • The calculating rate is based only on the term and amounts actually used
  • The possibility of obtaining the credit limit increase if necessary
  • The possibility of obtaining a grace period of up to 30 months
  • Running the current activity without interruption due to lack of availability
  • Flexible financing, depending on customer needs and reimbursement possibilities
  • Reimbursement of the loan according to the amount of money received from customers

Do you want the temporary shortage of funds to no longer be a problem for your business? Do you want a credit adaptable to the company's needs so you do not get complicated with rigid commitments? Do you need a favorable reimbursement scheme that would match your business revenue streams? Then come to your bank unit and the client adviser is at your disposal to help you choose the financing solution that suits you.

Useful documents:

The list of the documents to be attached to the case for credit granting