Classic deposit

For up to 1095 days, with fixed and floating interest

You make convenient economies


You have ZERO costs

 of managing and closing the deposit

You have an interest bonus

for deposits opened through OTP Internet and Mobile Banking

We know what it's like when you want to save, but you're still taking some money out of your wallet.
For the savings you don't want to touch, we created the Classic deposit for up to 1095 days. You have advantageous interest rates for whatever you save: MDL, EURO or USD.

Your advantages

  • You can save advantageously in MDL or currency (EURO, USD)
  • You also have a fixed interest rate, which protects you from financial market fluctuations
  • You receive interest on the current account or directly on the card, every 30 days
  • You have ZERO commissions for opening, managing and closing the deposit
  • Keep your savings safe: your funds are guaranteed within the ceiling set by the Deposit Guarantee Fund

Deposit name
Deposit name

Deposit name
Interest rate
Period type (days)
Income per period
Total income
Final amount
Payments schedule
Representative calculations for the offer deposits, opened through OTP Internet and Mobile Banking. For deposits opened in OTP Bank branches, reduced the interest rate.


  • Currency: MDL, EURO or USD
  • Minimum amount to set up / minimum balance: 500 MDL / 100 EURO / 100 USD
  • Maximum amount: unlimited, according to the conditions established by the Bank
  • Minimum / maximum term (maturity): 30/1095 days
  • Additional deposits and withdrawals are not accepted
  • Interest: fixed / floating, correlated with the level of interest on the market
  • Interest payment: every 30 days, to the current account or by card transfer
  • Calculation of interest: based on the actual balance in the account
  • Automatic renewal: allowed, except for deposits with a term of 740 and 1095 days
  • Liquidation: on request, only at the unit where the account was opened

Eligibility criteria

Resident or non-resident individuals who have reached the age of 18.

Required documents

In case of account opening by the holder:

  • Copy and original of the identity document (identity card or passport)
  • Other documents, as appropriate

In case the account is opened by an authorized person:

  • Copy of the identity card of the account holder, notarized
  • The identity card of the authorized person in original and its copy
  • Notarized document or copy of the document (power of attorney) certifying the person's powers to open the account, savings account and other documents necessary for opening bank accounts

How can you open a deposit?

  • Come to any branch with the necessary documents in the original


  • Online, through OTP Internet and Mobile Banking:

Step 1: Select the "Deposits" option from the application menu
Step 2: Press the ”+” button at the bottom of the screen to add a deposit
Step 3: Select the account from which you will transfer the money for the deposit
Step 4: Select the deposit type from the predefined list
Step 5: Indicate the amount of the deposit
Step 6: Check all required boxes and authorize the operation


  • Submit your application online in 5 easy steps:

Step 1: Access the deposit computer
Step 2: Choose the deposit that suits you
Step 3: Fill in the online form with the requested personal data
Step 4: Wait for our advisor's call to clarify some details and set up an appointment
Step 5: Come to the bank, with the necessary documents, to sign the deposit agreement

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