OTP Internet Banking

You have all your accounts

in one application

See the operations performed

at any time and from anywhere

You can open deposits online

in advantageous conditions

OTP Internet Banking

Now it's easier to take care of your money and your business, because you have all your accounts in one application! Yes, you got it right, you can manage your personal and business profile in one web application - OTP Internet Banking.

With OTP Internet Banking you have access to bank accounts at any time, from anywhere in the world and in complete safety, from any computer or tablet connected to the Internet.

- You have unlimited access to bank accounts, wherever you are
- You can view your account balance in real time and download your transaction history / details for free and whenever you need
- You can search for the operations performed, according to the available search criteria
- View information about bank cards and transactions
- You can see information on existing loans
- You can make free transfers, in MDL or foreign currency, between personal accounts opened at the bank
- You can make transfers to national beneficiaries, who have accounts opened with Mobiasbanca - OTP Group or any other bank in the country, by simply entering the name of the Beneficiary to whom you have made transactions and at much lower costs compared to P2P services (from card to card)
- You canmake international transfers in foreign currency, by simply entering the name of the Beneficiary to whom you have made transactions
- You canopen online current accounts, savings or deposit accounts
- You canpay bills for utilities and telecommunications services in one click and set scheduled (automated) payments for service providers and other payments, and thus get rid of the worry of manual payments
- You canset scheduled payments to fund your savings accounts or credit cards issued by the Bank
- You canmake cash payments quickly and easily
- You cancreate and manage payment and / or transfer templates / patterns as you wishYou can make currency exchanges even moving, in just a few seconds
- You can communicate with the bank by secure messaging or Chat
- You can call the support service, anytime and in any circumstance
- You can quickly find the nearest Branch or ATM, using the map
- You can benefit from increased security in authentication and authorization of transactions, using biometrics (Face ID / Touch ID)

How do you access OTP Internet Banking?

Cum accesezi OTP Internet Banking dacă ești client?

Vei avea nevoie de:

- Codul Numeric Personal - IDNP din 13 cifre (de pe buletinul de indentitate)
- Acces la adresa de email pe care ai comunicat-o băncii
- Acces la numărul de telefon mobil (operator național)

Ce trebuie să faci?

1. Intră pe www.otpinternetbanking.md
2. Apasă butonul [Prima logare Persoane Fizice]
3. Introdu Codul de identificare personal (13 cifre din buletinul de identitate)
4. Selectează data nașterii
5. Bifează că ești de acord cu Termenii și Condițiile
6. Introdu codul de identificare recepționat pe email-ul comunicat băncii
7. Creează numele de utilizator (ID) și definește parola
8. Selectează una dintre opțiunile de actualizare a parolei de acces
9. Bifează că ai fost informat despre cerințele de securitate și accepți riscurile

Cum accesezi OTP Internet Banking?

1. Intră pe www.otpinternetbanking.md
2. Introdu ID Utilizator și parola
3 Confirmă conectarea din OTP Mobile Banking

Descarcă aplicația mobilă OTP Mobile Banking

Pentru un plus de mobilitate, îți recomandăm să instalezi aplicația OTP Mobile Banking, disponibilă gratuit pe Google Play și Apple Store.

Vezi tutorialele de pe Youtube

Cum activezi OTP Internet și Mobile Banking dacă nu ești client?

Încă nu ești clientul nostru?

Nu mai sta pe gânduri! Descoperă avantajele OTP Internet și Mobile Banking. Vino în oricare din sucursalele băncii, iar consilierii noștri îți vor oferi toate informațiile de care ai nevoie.