Mortgage loan PRIMA CASĂ

Up to 950 000 MDL

 the maximum amount

Minimum down-payment 5%

 of the house price

Up to 25 years

financing term

Mortgage Loan PRIMA CASĂ

Amount of credit 10000 5000000
Term 12 Months 300 Months

Mortgage loan PRIMA CASĂ

The accuracy of this calculator's data and its applicability to your particular case is not guaranteed. For accurate information and a personalised calculation, please visit any branch of the bank.

Monthly payment

868.51 MDL

Annual interest

7.38 %


9.82 %

Representative calculation example: For a PRIMA CASA mortgage loan, in the amount of 400 000 lei, with a floating interest rate of 7.38%, for a term of 300 months, with a loan origination fee of 1% and a monthly guarantee fee of 0.0208% of the loan balance, the APR is 7.78%. The bank reminds consumers of their responsibility to repay the loans.

Program conditions

Opt for a real estate loan within the Government Program PRIMA CASA and you can become the owner of your own home.

  • Maximum amount financed: 950 000 MDL
  • Lending period: up to 25 years​
  • Minimum down-payment 5% of the property price1
  • Financing fee: 1%​
  • Guarantee fee: 0,0208% per year, calculated from the balance of the loan and paid monthly​
  • Floating interest rate: 7.38 (Reference Index: 4.38% + Bank Margin: 3%)​
  • State compensation amounting to 50% of the cost of credit, for employees of public and private institutions​
  • State compensation from 10% to 100% of the cost of the loan, for families with many children

1 the price of the property cannot be higher than 1 000 000 MDL

The advantages offered by OTP Bank

  • You have ZERO commission for file analysis
  • You can opt for a flexible repayment plan
  • No additional guarantees: only the purchased property and the state guarantee
  • You get a discount of up to 20% for the insurance premium of the purchased property
  • You get a debit card for free
  • You have professional advice and assistance throughout the credit period
  • You benefit from the services offered by the Mortgage Center free of charge.

More details

How can you apply for credit?

Come into any Branch or the Mortgage Center with the necessary paperwork and we will start the process.

Eligibility criteria
  • You are a citizen of the Republic of Moldova, up to 50 years old and have a residence visa in the Republic of Moldova
  • You are officially employed in the Republic of Moldova and you have at least 4 months of activity with your current employer
  • You have not previously purchased any housing through the Program
Eligibility criteria for real estate
  • ​It is located on the territory of the Republic of Moldova​
  • The value indicated in the sale and purchase agreement does not exceed 1 million MDL​
  • It is finished, put into final operation and registered in the Register of Real Estates (Territorial Cadastral Office - hereinafter OCT), until the submission of the credit application
  • It has no hidden defects, material or legal defects​
  • Not encumbered with a mortgage or other rights of third parties, it is not subject to prohibitions imposed by the court, the prosecuting body, the bailiff, the insolvency administrator or other competent bodies​
Accepted income
  • Income from salaries​
  • Cumulative income of family members (spouse)​
  • Other income that is permanent and can be confirmed​
  • The real estate purchased and the guarantee granted by the state.​​
Required documents
  • Original identity card of the applicant and guarantor, spouse, first degree relative - in case of insufficient personal income​
  • Credit application, signed by the credit applicant, spouse, guarantor, as appropriate​
  • Bank statements and/or other supporting documents relating to additional income received
  • Employment agreement (guarantor, spouse, first degree relative, if necessary)​
  • Income statement for the last management year covered by the State Tax Inspectorate (if applicable)​
  • Other documents that could confirm the existence and provenance of additional sources of income (pensions, transfers from abroad, income from leases, dividends or other sources)​
  • Certificate issued by the Public Institution “Public Services Agency”, which confirms that the beneficiary owns exclusively
  • Documents related to the pledged real estate​
  • Other documents requested by the bank, if necessary​
Documents related to the real estate
  • The real estate appraisal report performed by the appraisal company approved by the Bank. It will be completed upon presentation of the OTC excerpt
  • The OCT certificate regarding the value of the real estate
  • Documents confirming the ownership over the real estate indicated in the OCT excerpt
  • Other documents at the request of the bank.