Ana Chiaburu from Ungheni is the fifth winner of free credit with 0% interest rate and 0% commission.
"Upon receipt of the news that I am one of the winners of the interest-free credit, I had enormous joy because it is the first time that happened to me. This possibility allows our family to save money and use them for other needs. We would like to thank the people who are thinking of making such benefits to the creditors," said Ana Chiaburu, the Mobiasbanca client, Ungheni Branch.
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Our bank has a number of advantages among the employers in Moldova, being part of an international financial company.

Young professionals wishing to build a career in the banking sector will choose a company where it is possible to develop their professional skills qualitatively, with the adoption of experience and standards at the European level, and also where there is a clear and transparent vision of the prospects for growth in the career ladder.

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BC "Mobiasbanca - Groupe Société Générale" S.A., over 11 years of a solid international financial group - Société Générale, is the reliable partner of entrepreneurs with quality financial products and services since its inception; is a strong brand, appreciated for stability and transparency.

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Stimaţi clienţi,
Vă aducem la cunoștință despre sistarea activității instituţiilor financiare din Federația Rusă și România cu ocazia sărbătorilor de iarnă. 
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Dear customers,
Please be advised that starting from January 1, 2019 changes to Business Card Tariffs will enter into force for legal entities and individuals who practice entrepreneurial activity.
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This year, Mobiasbanca decided to redirect funds for the purchase of gifts to customers to repair the intensive care unit of Emilian Coţaga Hospital of the Mother and Child Institute.

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Stimaţi clienţi,

Vă aducem la cunoștință că în zilele de 28, 29 decembrie a.c., sucursalele Mobiasbancă vor avea program redus, cu activitate până la 14:00:
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Stimaţi clienţi,
Vă comunicăm că în perioada 28-31 decembrie a.c. nu vor fi procesate plăți trezoreriale și anume:
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This year, Mobiasbanca decided to redirect the funds intended for holiday gifts for clients to the renovation of the Reanimation and Intensive Care Unit of the “Emilian Cotaga” clinic under the Mother and Child Institute. 

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Rezultatele tragerii săptămânale la sorți au bucurat-o nespus de mult pe Ludmila Gârlovan, clienta Sucursalei ”Renaștere”. 
”Sărbătorile sunt mai frumoase – ACASĂ, vor fi și mai frumoase cu cumpărăturile de care voi avea parte, datorită acestui voucher cadou din partea Mobiasbancă”, a declarant Ludmila Gârlovan.
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