Visa Platinum Ring

The first payment ring in Moldova

Unique technological jewelry

Elegant and timeless design

No charging required

Unlimited use

Shock and water resistant


Exceptional product

For the first time on the banking market in the Republic of Moldova, OTP Bank and Visa present an exclusive technological jewel - the payment ring equipped with NFC (Contactless) technology, which securely encapsulates Visa Platinum or Visa Infinite card data for a unique payment experience.

The payment ring from OTP Bank and Visa is an exceptional product that will allow you to pay effortlessly with a simple touch of your hand at any device that supports Contactless payments. Whether you are in a restaurant, in a shop, near an ATM or in any destination at home or abroad, the Payment Ring offers you a unique payment experience that is fast, secure, safe and guaranteed WOW effect.

Innovation and design

The payment ring from OTP Bank and Visa is not just an elegant jewelry, but an ideal combination of revolutionary technology and original design, a perfect accessory for those passionate about innovation, travel, unique experiences and undeniable exclusivity.

Made of high quality zirconium oxide ceramic - a material of exceptional hardness and aesthetically pleasing appearance, commonly used as a replacement for diamonds - the payment ring can be worn for an unlimited period of time, keeping its appearance intact. Being made of an inert material, it does not cause irritation or allergies.

Its sleek design makes it suitable for both men and women, and the discreet black color can be adapted to any outfit. Despite its minimalist look, it is resistant to water, extreme temperatures, electromagnetic waves, dust, drops and scratches, allowing it to fit seamlessly into any lifestyle. The rings come in various sizes and are 'Comfort Fit', which means they are not flat on the inside, but have a softer, curved inner edge to provide more comfort in everyday use.


How does it work?

OTP Bank's payment ring is equipped with a miniature chip and NFC antenna, encapsulated inside the ring, on which the bank card data is recorded. The ring has no battery and requires no charging, thanks to Passive NFC technology.

To pay with such a ring, simply hold it close to the payment terminal screen above the contactless symbol. The device accepting the payment (POS terminal, ATM, self-service device, Tap2Phone, etc.) will react in the same way as when paying with a physical card or through Google/Apple Pay applications, with the same transaction limits applied (for contactless payments exceeding 1000 lei, a PIN code is required).

Customers opting for this unique product will receive at least 2 (two) Visa Platinum cards, issued to the same card account. One of the cards (its data) will be registered on the payment ring, and the other will be issued on plastic, for more convenience when making online payments or for access to Lounges in domestic and international airport lounges, where the physical card is required. The card data will be different, making it easier to delineate transactions.

Card accounts can be opened both in Lei (MDL) and in EURO or US Dollars (USD).

How can you get a payment ring?

The payment ring is only available as part of Visa Platinum Ring product packages:

- VISA Payment Ring Platinum (includes Platinum card + payment ring)
- VISA Family Ring Platinum (includes 2 Platinum cards + 2 payment rings).

See costs and conditions of service.

Advantages and benefits

Speed and precision

We know how precious your time is. With the payment ring from OTP Bank and Visa payments are faster than ever. No more fumbling for your card in your wallet or pulling out your phone/glasses to make a payment, just tap the ring on the payment terminal screen and it will be instantly made.

Maximum convenience

The payment ring from OTP Bank and Visa is the perfect payment tool for shopping, traveling, vacations or any everyday activities.

  • When you're at the beach or doing sport, the OTP Bank and Visa payment ring gives you complete freedom. No need to carry your cell phone or physical card, bring your hand close to the contactless device to make payments and create a bit of magic.
  • When you need to pay without getting out of your car for highway or bridge tolls, food, coffee, fuel, etc., you no longer have to avoid searching for your wallet or phone, the payment ring is the most convenient and secure solution, as it is always within reach.
Premium benefits

The following benefits are included with VISA Platinum:

- Unlimited access to Сoncierge services 24/7*
- Unlimited access and free lounge visits in over 1000 airports worldwide*
- Insurance services, including medical, provided by VISA.

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*offered for Visa Platinum or Infinite cardholders from February 01 to September 30, 2024.

No charging required

Thanks to Passive NFC technology this ring has no batteries and requires no charging, unlike smartwatches or smartphones, which means you can wear and use it anywhere, anytime, without ever needing to connect it to a power source or the internet.

Increased safety

Unlike a physical card, the payment ring from OTP Bank and Visa does not display your card details, so they cannot be copied. What's more, it is equipped with enhanced security systems, which makes it impossible to read it remotely, and prevents the ring from being cloned or forged.

In the event of loss or theft, the card registered on the payment ring will be blocked in the same way as a plastic bank card, by calling the OTP Bank Customer Support Service: +37322256456, available 24/24.

Full control

Thanks to OTP Internet and Mobile Banking, you have unlimited access to your accounts and full control over your transactions. In the Cards menu, you can see, in real time, the transactions made with the bank card registered on the payment ring. Download the app for free from Google Play or App Store.

Unlimited use

Visa cards issued by OTP Bank are currently valid for 5 (five) years. After or until the expiry of the validity period, OTP Bank will rewrite the payment ring with the data of a new Visa card (at the customer's request). The card data rewriting procedure can be repeated without limit. You can therefore use the Ring as a payment device as long as a valid card is registered on its chip.

The rewriting of card data is performed exclusively by OTP Bank, free of charge and within a maximum of 3 (three) banking days from the moment of receipt of the Ring from the customer.

Various sizes

The payment ring is available in various sizes. To find the right size, request a meeting with your OTP Bank Personal Advisor and he will take the necessary measurements