Mentoring Academy - a new program for performance development

Mentoring Academy - a new program for performance development

At OTP Bank we pay great attention to experienced colleagues and the desire to share the knowledge gained during the work with young students coming to the bank for an internship or with new colleagues. In this context, a new, complex and interactive program has been launched - The Mentoring Academy.

The program will run from March to June 2023, and its results will highlight our intention to strengthen the partnership between OTP Bank and higher education institutions in the country, as well as to enhance the professional skills of our colleagues.

"The program aims, first and foremost, to increase the attractiveness of the banking sector and the bank itself for students at the relevant faculties. The mentors will also be OTP Ambassadors, if you will, who will focus their efforts on 'discovering' talents among the students who will do their internship at OTP Bank, so that we can later recruit them as colleagues in our team. Secondly, the program also has the mission to crystallize the perception of higher education institutions and the academic world on the real situation in the banking environment. At the same time, our colleagues will not only become mentors for students. The skills that they will acquire within the program will also be directed towards facilitating the integration of new employees", said Radu Jechiu - Head of Human Resources and Institutional Communication Department.

Mentoring Academy participants will benefit from a special training program in which they will learn how to effectively pass on their experience, skills and vision to those seeking a career in banking, complemented by training in time management, leadership and effective communication.

People are OTP Bank's greatest value, and by implementing such programs, OTP Bank reiterates its ambition to be a responsible, attractive and reliable employer.

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