OTP Bank celebrates 32 years of activity

OTP Bank celebrates 32 years of activity

Dear customers, partners, employees OTP Bank,

Today we mark 32 years of activity on the financial-banking market of the Republic of Moldova, during which time the transparency, trust, professionalism and responsibility we have shown, have ranked us among the imposing leaders in the field.

“This anniversary of OTP Bank Moldova marks an important milestone in the evolution of our company, one that we can fully enjoy only by celebrating it with our customers, partners and employees. We are honored to be part of a dominant banking group in the Central and Eastern European markets - OTP Group, from which we borrow digital solutions and the expertise we put at the foundation of the bank's development. 3 years ago, following the integration in the OTP Group, we went through major transformations, starting with the name of the bank and continuing with the IT architecture, internal products and processes, applications and technologies. At the base of all transformations we put people, and at the center of our strategy - the customerThe launch of new savings products and support through financial and entrepreneurship education programs are in line with our strategy to encourage savings and responsible financial behavior. ” said Bogdan Spuză, Chairman of the Executive Committee - CEO of OTP Bank Moldova.

Our current investments in financial education and the digitalization of the bank are evidence of our ambition for the continuous development of a sustainable and transparent partnership with you, in a new economic reality, which changes from day to day. All the more imperative is the stability and trust in a strong financial partner - OTP Bank, which benefits from the support of a dominant player in the Central and Eastern European market - OTP Group.

32 years is not a round figure, but our team ticks another year of responsible and honest work for you, that's why we felt we would like to sincerely thank you for your trust and loyalty.

Happy birthday and longevity to our partnerships!

With deep respect,
The OTP Bank team

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