Mobiasbanca becomes OTP Bank

Mobiasbanca becomes OTP Bank

After two years since the bank became part of OTP Group, Mobiasbanca is renamed OTP Bank and is going through a rebranding process and changes its logo.

In 2019, Mobiasbanca became part of a leading financial group, one of the largest independent providers of financial services - OTP Group, a true success story of Central and Eastern Europe. OTP Bank is a universal credit institution offering a wide range of banking services and products for corporate and private clients.

After the acquisition, OTP Bank has become 96.69% owner of bank. This marked the beginning of a new chapter, with an accentuated growth vision, also marked with a new logo and colorful identity of the bank.

Following the General Meeting of Shareholders of the Bank, held by correspondence on May 13, 2021, it was decided  to change the Corporate Name of the Bank, for OTP Bank S.A., which entered into force on June 17, 2021.

After a successful alignment of the processes and the adjustment of the organizational structure to the Group’s business model, the process of full integration and taking over of the best practices in the future activity of OTP Bank was successfully completed. During the second half of 2021 and until March 2022, we are rebranding our name and logo – OTP Bank, as part of our rebranding strategy.

Rebranding is an extensive process implemented step-by-step, beginning with the branches and information for clients, partners and then gradually continuing with products, documents and online applications.

OTP Bank will continue to develop digital channels of customer service, with more emphasis on improving service quality.

OTP Bank's strategy is focused on launching secure products and services, combined with advanced technologies. One of the bank's priorities is to develop a self-service banking channel through modern ATMs. That is why we opted for cash recycling ATMs equipped with specialized software, which will expand the functionality of these devices in the near future.

The Bank has demonstrated over the years that it deserves the trust of its customers and the appreciation of its external partners. The remarkable results recorded by OTP Bank were possible due to an innovative and responsible team, one characterized by integrity.

Following the change of controlling shareholder and prospective integration of Mobiasbanca in OTP Group, we remain committed to sustaining our partnership and pursuing common initiatives for the benefit of the bank and our clients.

The expertise accumulated over 30 years in the banking market, combined with a business strategy aimed at generating value for its customers, shareholders and employees - makes us confident in the bank’s evolution. Powered by a stable European shareholder with strong liquidity and capital positions, OTP Bank will continue to write history in banking sector of the Republic of Moldova.

#Mobiasbanca becomes OTP Bank

OTP Group as a dominant banking player in Hungary and the Central and Eastern European region provides high quality financial services for its more than 16 million private, retail and corporate clients in twelve countries through its 1700 branches, 4900 ATMs, internet and electronic channels for remote services.

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