Internship at OTP Bank


We aim to offer you professional challenges, a friendly working environment, development opportunities and facilities to lead a healthy lifestyle. Employee satisfaction is key to a company's success, which is why it is important to provide incentives that encourage and inspire staff.

Meal tickets

Because we promote a healthy lifestyle you will benefit from meal vouchers.

Intranet Portal

We have an intranet portal where you can find expert information.

Courses and trainings

We want you to expand your knowledge, so you`ll have a variety of courses to attend and advance your career.

Preferential conditions on banking products

Conditions for granting loans to Bank employees.

Performance-related bonuses

The bonus system has a direct impact on talent management, individual performance and, inevitably, the performance of the organisation as a whole.

Preferential conditions for employees

The Bank`s employees benefit from preferential lending conditions.