„Premium” Traineeship Program successfully concluded at OTP Bank

„Premium” Traineeship Program successfully concluded at OTP Bank

Over the course of its activity, OTP Bank has contributed to the formation of a generation of specialists in financial-banking field thanks to the effectiveness of projects and programs that support the involvement of students in banking.

In this context, the festive closing ceremony of the "Premium 2023" Traineeship Program recently took place. The beneficiaries of the program included a group of 20 – 2nd year students from ASEM, USM and 6th year students - Centre of Excellence in Business Administration.

For a month, the young people interacted with departmental teams, were introduced to the specifics of the retail banking and corporate banking segments, global international transactions and risk, and at the end of each week they had the opportunity to discuss with members of the OTP Bank Executive Committee.

"Every meeting with students gives me great pleasure. I took the opportunity to tell them about my own career path, explaining that both banking and any other related field can bring them valuable challenges and experiences in their professional development. We came with the encouragement to explore their potential, to be open to knowledge, not to be afraid of failure and to be ambitious", said Petru Delinschi, Deputy CEO - Commercial Director Retail Banking.

The current edition of the internship, compared to previous years, involves a new organizational formula, based on the needs identified in a qualitative study conducted between October and November 2022, with the involvement of OTP Bank mentors.

"Of course, we don't want to disregard the previous result, when out of 15 students, 7 became our colleagues. At the same time, this fact made us think how we could make the current internship more interesting and attractive for young people. Thus, we resorted to involving OTP Bank mentors, graduates of the Mentoring Academy - a pilot project within the bank, and challenged them to team up with HR for a first onboarding exercise in relation to the students. Their feedback has been very rewarding for us and we are convinced that the skills they have acquired will be applied in the rapid induction of new employees", said Radu Jechiu, Head of Human Resources and Institutional Communication.

On the day of the event, the students of the program wanted to share their emotions and experience:

"We would like to thank you for the diverse and interesting program. Initially, I had the default perception that a bank is always a „grey” institution with a bureaucratic atmosphere, but at OTP Bank this was not the case. We realized that this is the place where creative, interesting things happen and the individual approach is appreciated, which we really liked", says Valeriu Jabin, 1st year student, AESM.

OTP Bank S.A. offers young specialists prospects for development and professional affirmation in the financial-banking field, as well as motivating remuneration and a friendly working environment.

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