Classic Deposit

Advantageous savings


Wide grid of features

for selection

Guaranteed security

of funds

You have more security in the future of your business, then you manage to capitalize on your available resources, with adapted saving solutions. With the Classic term deposit, you enjoy a wide range of features to select from.

Your advantages

  • You can save in MDL, EUR or USD, with an interest higher than that applied to a current account;
  • You can choose any deposit that suits you;
  • You have ZERO commission for opening and administering the deposit account;
  • Keep your savings safe: your funds are guaranteed within the ceiling set by the Deposit Guarantee Fund.

How can you open a deposit?

At the branch

Come to the OTP Bank management branch with the necessary documents in original.

Online via OTP Internet / Mobile Banking

  1. Select the "Deposits" module from the service menu;
  2. Select the "New deposit" option;
  3. Select the account from which the funds will be transferred to make the deposit;
  4. Indicate the amount of the deposit;
  5. Select the deposit type from the predefined list;
  6. Check the required boxes and authorize the transaction - the authorization of the deposit operation is performed only by the Company Administrator.

Required documents

Information on the Deposit Guarantee Fund for Legal Entities

Deposits of legal entities are guaranteed up to the coverage level of 100 000 lei.