e-Guarantee by OTP Bank

100% online* and in less than 3 hours

100% online*

in less than 3 hours

Minimum number of documents

on paper


by applying the concept of "zero paper"

Product description

Choose e-Guarantee from OTP Bank for taking part in tenders or for guaranteeing the contractual commitments now, with the qualified advanced electronic signature applied by the authorized representative of the Bank

It is much easier to take care of your business activities when you have simple services that you can trust.

*See the list of persons authorized to electronically sign the Bank Guarantees issued by the Bank.

Your advantages

  • You can get them online by 100%* and this will take less than three hours.
  • E-guarantees reduce the number of printed out documents, which have to be archived in hard copies.
  • E-guarantees are eco-friendly, since the ”no paper” concept is applied to those bank guarantees, which are designed for public procurements.

For the clients that have already signed a credit agreement for bank guarantees, which are secured by credit or covered by 100% with monetary funds, within the General Terms and Conditions for issuance of bank guarantees and letters of credit.

How to Apply for E-Guarantees?

  1. Download and then fill in the application for bank guarantee issuance (please, see the examples of filling-in).
  2. Affix the advanced qualified electronic signature onto the application you filled in.
  3. Send the e-application to your personal counsellor via e-mail or via OTP Internet and Mobile Banking Service.
  4. Your personal counsellor will confirm the receipt of the sent application, via e-mail, and will initiate the procedure for issuance of the requested e-guarantee. 
  5. After the e-guarantee is issued, you will get it via that channel of communication, which was specified in your application.


How to apply if you are not an OTP Bank customer

If you are not an OTP Bank customer, open a remote current account and join OTP Internet and Mobile Banking by following the instructions.

For more details, please, contact your personal counsellor from OTP Bank or send an e-mail letter to us to tradefinance@otpbank.md.

If you still have questions, seek for advice from our Trade Finance specialists.