Financing ceiling

Flexible and advantageous financing

of current expenses

Quick and timely access

to approved resources

Customized solutions

for any activity

Whether it is a start-up company and the working capital needs to be set up, or the company in question is already in existence and it is time to expand, an immediate solution is to approve a financing ceiling.

The optimal operation of a company is based mainly on the size of working capital and how the financial aspect of the business is managed. Often, additional financial resources are needed, and the frame agreement provides you with a range of benefits, which are perfectly suited to all the financing needs of the company, regardless of the field of activity. The frame agreement gives you the flexibility to benefit at any time of the financial products necessary for your business, whether it is credit products (classic loans, credit lines) or TradeFinance products.

Your advantages

  • Approval of a financing limit for a period of up to 60 months;
  • You have the ability to efficiently manage the approved limit depending on your needs;
  • ZERO сommission for non-usage of the frame agreement limit;
  • You can cover the expenses related to the operational activity;
  • Flexible approach to guarantees;
  • Personalized attitude and professional counseling.


Required documents

  • Identity documents of the administrator and founders
  • Legal documents of the enterprise
  • Other documents, which could be requested by the Bank.