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In order to support its customers and the sustainable development of its business, OTP Bank JSC has signed a series of Agreements with International Financial Institutions, participating in various financing programs from international projects providing the real sector of the country with affordable, long-term financial means for the realization of the proposed investments and the completion of the circulating capital with sufficient funds, introducing in the business modern technical and technological solutions, with favorable effects for the company as well as for the entire national economy.

Your advantages

  • Low interest rates and commission;
  • Access to projects with Grant and Tax relief (exemptions from Customs Taxes and VAT);
  • Providing financial guarantees in cases of pledge insufficiency;
  • Financing of independent working capital on favorable terms;
  • Financing large amounts of credit;
  • Long-term financing;
  • Flexible credit repayment schedule;
  • Possibility to sign Ceiling contracts for several loan products simultaneously.

Funding Projects Available

1. Support to overcome the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic

Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB): Autonomous micro, small, medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), in which the share of a non-SME co-owner does not exceed 25% of the company's share capital, with the average annual number of employees - no more than 249 employees and annual turnover - no more than 50 million. EUR; Annual balance sheet - no more than 43 million. EUR.

The project offers the following advantages:

  • 10% of the total amount of the sub-loan will be financed from IFAD 3 reflow, IFAD 4 reflow or IFAD 5 reflow resources of the OGPAE, with a zero percentage point interest rate (the principal amount being repayable);
  • Term of financing investments up to 6 years and working capital up to 2 years;
  • It covers all eligible areas of activity (agricultural profile, producers, exporters / importers, pure trade).

See project details.

2. Agriculture, Horticulture, Viticulture and Allied Agricultural and Horticultural Industries

Livada Moldovei: funding project addressed to individuals who practice the activity of entrepreneur and legal entities with the field of agricultural activity (cereal growing, animal husbandry and fish farming), horticulture and / or viticulture: fruit growing, viticulture / oenology, vegetable growing, floriculture (medicinal and decorative plants), agrotourism / wine tourism, forestry, landscaping.

The project offers the following advantages:

  • Total funding - 50% of the cost of the sub-project;
  • Benefits: exemptions from excise duties, Customs duties, taxes for performing customs procedures, VAT (zero rate tax);
  • Funding period - up to 10 years.

See project details.

3. Loans for financing Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises within the EBRD2020 Project

EBRD 2020 is one of the projects that aims to support the development of Micro, Small and Medium enterprises in the Republic of Moldova, by creating a favorable environment for private sector development, promoting European standards in various sectors and by regional integration of domestic producers, in order to bring them closer to their markets.

The project offers the following advantages:

  • Possibility to purchase real estate for business;
  • Total funding - up to 100% of the cost of the sub-project;
  • Resources convertible into MDL and used on the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

See project details.

4. Loans for financing Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises with a Grant component within the EaP SMEC Project

OTP Bank within the collaboration project with EBRD and the European Union, presents for the development of your business the project „EaP SMEC" which is part of the EU4Business initiative to improve the competitiveness of Small and Medium Enterprises in Eastern Partnership countries.

The project offers the following advantages:

  • The portion of the grant for any funded project - from 10 to 15% of the loan amount;
  • Free international technical assistance and independent consultancy, offered at any level of project implementation;
  • Possibility to apply to an unlimited number of projects within the maximum amount of credit.

See project details.


5. Financing of Women Micro Entrepreneurs in rural areas

The project for assisting the Women Micro Entrepreneurs in the field of business sensitive to Climate Change in rural areas, launched in collaboration with the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the Government of the Republic of Moldova, offers advantageous financing solutions with GRANT component from Rural Resilience Project funds FIDA 7 IMM.

Project advantages:

  • Grant component not bearing interest in the proportion of up to 80% (maximum 84,000 MDL;
  • Exemption from Fees for Carrying out Customs Procedures and VAT (taxed at zero rate);
  • Low interest rates and commission;
  • Flexible credit repayment schedule.

See project details.

6. Credits for young entrepreneurs

The credits are provided within the Youth Credit Facility Programme (stage II) launched by the Ministry of Finance, and are granted through the crediting programmes managed by the Public Institution – Office for External Assistance Programmes Management: IFAD I Refinancing; RISP I Refinancing; RISP II Refinancing; PAC II Refinancing.

Project advantages:

  • Fixed annual interest rate – 6%
  • Financing amount up to 1,500,000 MDL (total exposure per Beneficiary)
  • One-time commission for credit granting – only 5% of the amount of credit granted
  • Grace period up to 12 months
  • Wide range of eligible measures, to finance both investments and independent floating capital

See project details.

7. Loans from Reflow lines to finance investment projects and/or working capital replenishment

OTP Bank S.A., in collaboration with "I.P. The Office of the Management of External Assistance Programs" provides you with the financial resources within the Reflow Lines (more details are presented below), in order to finance eligible investment projects and/or working capital replenishment, initiated by companies from various sectors of the national economy.

Learn more about Livada Moldovei Reflow.

8. Loans for the financing of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises within the "EFSE" Project

The European Fund for Southeast Europe (EFSE) participates in the financing of sustainable economic development programs that are part of the objectives of the European Union and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. EFSE aims to stimulate economic development and prosperity in the region of South-Eastern Europe and in the neighborhood of Eastern Europe by providing sustainable financing for the development of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in the Republic of Moldova.

See project details.


Guarantee solutions

1. Financial guarantee to support SMEs

OED Guarantee: OTP Bank in collaboration with the Organization for Entrepreneurship Development (OED) offers additional guarantees to SMEs that opt for a loan from OTP Bank, for the development and growth of the business. Thus, through OED, the bank's customers will benefit from additional guarantees in case of insufficient pledge, and the level of complexity for obtaining these loans with OED guarantee being minimal.

The project offers the following advantages:

  • Guarantee limit: up to 50% of the value of the contracted credit;
  • Eligible amount: up to 5,000,000.00 MDL;
  • Term: up to 5 years.

See project details.

2. The guarantee facility „InnovFin”

InnovFin Guarantee: OTP Bank in collaboration with the European Investment Fund (EIF), with the financial support of the European Union within the Horizon 2020 "Financial Instruments" program, offers financial guarantees for the development of your business.
The guarantee is intended for companies that develop quickly (fast growing enterprises), innovative companies that invest in the production/offering of innovative products/services with insufficient collateral and that request a loan from OTP Bank.

The project offers the following advantages:

  • Guarantee limit: up to 80% of the value of the contracted credit;
  • Eligible amount: up to 7,500,000.00 EUR;
  • Term: up to 10 years.

See project details.


How can you apply for a credit?

  1. Come to any branch or contact the Call Center at 022 256 456 and request an appointment with an advisor, or
  2. Submit the application online, filling in the contact form.

Eligibility criteria

Legal entities and natural persons, who practice entrepreneurial activity, registered in accordance with the legislation in force of the Republic of Moldova, in any organizational-legal form and who have an experience of at least 6 months.


Required documents

  • Identity documents of the administrator and founders
  • Legal documents of the enterprise
  • Other documents, which could be requested by the Bank.

General rates and conditions