Construction engineering

and specialised vehicles


in MDL, USD or EUR


to European grants

Grace period

up to 6 months to the credit body

Do you have a construction business and without the necessary technique you are like without hands? OTP Leasing® offers you a wide range of local and international resources, along with fast and secure solutions for financing leased assets.

We finance:

- Vehicles and construction equipment
- Excavators
- Loaders
- Bulldozers
- Graders
- Vehicles and handling equipment
- Other construction equipment


Your advantages

- Financial leasing from local or international suppliers
- Possibility to purchase new or second-hand goods
- Financing in MDL, EUR or USD - including VAT
- Possibility to obtain GRANT from 10% to 15% of the amount of the financing granted within the framework of the cooperation program with EBRD and EU "EU4BUSINESS-EBRD Credit Line
- Flexibility in the amount of the advance and term of financing (maximum 60 months)
- Access to the widest range of resources from International Financial Organisations funds with guaranteed facilities
- Advantageous interest rate and individual approach
- You choose from whom you insure the financed asset
- Without guarantees*, the main source of repayment of the financing is the object of the leasing contract itself
- The goods are recorded in the accounts as fixed assets so that the expenses incurred can be deducted for tax purposes
- Immediately obtain a leasing-type registration certificate (mandate) in the name of the company, allowing free movement abroad
- You can benefit from the full spectrum of banking services, complex individual solutions and advantageous offers
- You become the owner of the good at the end of the leasing contract, with the possibility to refinance it (lease-back)

Your business picks up to speed with OTP Leasing®

*The Bank reserves the right to request additional guarantees.

This information does not constitute a commitment by the bank. For a personalised offer, visit the bank's branches.

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