Transfers in exotic currency

No additional commissions

No currency risks

Simplified trading flow

Expand your business opportunities and benefit from the possibilities of international transfer in over 120 exotic currencies, offered by OTP Bank, without the need for a prior exchange.

Your advantages

  • No additional fees - only standard fees will apply
  • Elimination of currency risks, by converting the desired currency against the EURO
  • Simplified trading flow
  • No need to hold accounts opened in exotic currency

How can you benefit from this service?

In order to benefit from this service, it is necessary to have an active current account, opened at OTP Bank. If you do not have a current account, see here how to request it.

  • Checks if the requested currency is in the list of trading currencies
  • Ask your personal advisor what is the current exchange rate of the desired currency against EURO
  • See the guide to completing the payment order in exotic currency*
  • Fill in the payment order using the remote or paper services and present it to the bank.

For more details on exotic currency payments, call your personal advisor.

*Exotic currency: poorly traded currency, which is not in free circulation or is poorly traded.

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